Anyone reloading .222 Rem close to Melbourne?

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  • Anyone reloading .222 Rem close to Melbourne?

    I've got a fair bit of once fired .222 REM brass I'd like reloaded for my Sako Vixen. Will pay of course! Please PM me here if you're interested and within 30min of the CBD (pref South Eastern suburbs). Cheers.

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    Just watch out for legal trip wires surrounding this topic, unless you are appropriately licenced it my be an offence under law to sell or charge for reloading ammo in your state.
    It's worth looking into for piece of mind at the very least.

    If you have that many spent brass you could maybe sell them and subsidize future ammo purchases.


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      Thanks for the heads up. Anybody else know if it's illegal to get someone to reload your ammo for you? Vic.


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        Last time I spoke to my local gun dealer who reloads as part of his buisness he told me he has to have a licience to supply reloaded ammo for sale
        PM me if you want his contact


        • MrCarbine
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          Yes it can be tricky legally but most importantly if things go wrong who pays?
          I don't even load for friends. If they ask, I invite them to come over and use my bench and all the equipment.

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        Hi Remo,
        I think the best thing to do is ask the LGS's near you if they provide the service, up here some do, some don't. But until you get yourself setup that's the best option if you don't have a mate with a reloading setup.

        You are gunna be doin backflips when you get your loads perfected....mighty fine rifle rifle in 222rem, mine certainly was.



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          Hi Remo

          Has your ammo been reloaded already ?
          I can do it as I also have a Sako .222

          PM me


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            Hi Orange, I PMed you... check your inbox.