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  • 1oz slug mould wanted

    G'day casters just looking to start out on my casting career , thought I would try 12g slugs first. Thought I'd just ask before ordering one if anyone had a mould they no longer have use for in the vic area (don't want to pay to much postage as they are not that deer new). If so let me know how much or just any pros or cons from your expierances
    Cheers Whitey

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    If you can, try and source the Lyman 1oz mould. The slug looks like a gigantic air rifle pellet. I have found that they out perform the Lee 1oz slug.

    You will struggle to find the Lyman mould second hand as they are pretty popular, and also expensive.

    And, then you will need to buy handles for the Lyman.

    The Lee will set you back about $22 + postage from the US

    Both sit nicely in a WAA12 wad.


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      Is this what you are looking for.


      I have bought a few things off him, good to deal with.
      Regards Peter.


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        I bought one of the 1oz lee moulds from here in Aus and I reckon for the money they're great! Gets kind of addicting as well, before you know it you've got a couple of hundred slugs cast. I'd probably just go brand new mate then you know exactly what your getting and it isn't like mine and starting to get kind of sloppy

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        Is there supposed to be a link or pic in your post unsub?

        Perhaps because I'm on an iPad it's not showing up??