Gas Checks on HRBC Copperhawks

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  • Gas Checks on HRBC Copperhawks

    Hi All,
    I started a thread on the old forum about this. Is it possible to retrieve this to check the information given. It was to suit a 303Br. BAW gave some load data which I think was 28gr AR2208.
    Since then I have become the proud owner of a Greener Martini in 303 with a good usable barrel, and wanted to try it with cast projectiles. The rifle is a commercial purchase in military configuration, but without any Crown over date marking. Probably a Police issue but has no markings other than a very small rack number near the butt plate.
    I also have found a Lee Speed Sporter by BSA, which would also be regulated for 215gr projectiles.
    I have plenty of 180gr projectiles to try, would some 215gr be a better option?

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    Hi Les,
    "The load" was 28.5 grains ofAR2206.

    But as 2206 is no longer in production, unless you can find some old stock you might need to do a little load development to suit your rifle.

    I have loaded up some AR2206H, starting at 24 grains - going up in 1 grain increments but havent had a chance to test them yet.

    Getting hornady gas checks to sit square on the base of either the blackhawk or copperhawks can be a bitch quite often!
    I am sizing mine to .314 - and there isnt enough friction in the sizer to press them together if they are not seated perfectly squarely.
    As long as the gas check is square- they crimp on well.

    all times wasted wots not spent shootin'


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      Thanks Stephen,
      I give them a tap with a mallet first and that squares them up. Sit the gascheck on a flat surface and sit the projectile in place and tap with a nylon mallet. This squares them up nicely, then run through the sizer. I am sizing with a 314 die also.

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    I hadnt thought of the nylon hammer!

    sneaking back out to the shed...........

    all times wasted wots not spent shootin'


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      If you use a Lee sizing die, try this.

      1: Hold the projectile between finger and thumb on the base of the seater (I have no idea what its called, but the thing that pushes the projectile through the die) and gently pull down on the handle until you feel the projectile make contact with the die, center and stick. The projectile is now in a convenient place to receive the gas check.

      Using the same method, hold the gas check on the seater as close to perfectly centre on the seater and again gently lower the handle until you feel contact.

      Tap the handle of the press in a downward manner reasonably lightly and you with feel definite movement with each stroke (usually takes 2-3)

      The gas check is now seated on the heel.

      Pull the handle down firmly and fully to retrieve the projectile.