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  • 44 mag gas-checks

    I'm using LEE's C429-240-SWC in a 2 cav & a 6 cav
    I am also using the LEE .430" push through sizer to size the bullets, and seat Hornady Gas checks
    I am having problems with some of the gas checks not staying on the bases.
    I noticed this when I pulled some and the checks stayed in the cases, but a couple even came away before loading..
    I don't want to go to a smaller (.429") sizer and risk leading the bore.
    Alloy is around 15 BHN at a guess, (1 part linotype to 2 parts COWW + a splash of tin) so I wouldn't have
    thought shrinkage would be excessive.
    Apart from glue, what can anyone suggest to keep the buggers on the bullets?

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    Hi Inverness,
    A dob of superglue works.


    • inverness
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      G'day Les,
      Thanks, that's about all I could think of too.
      Will the superglue bond to the *LLA coating on the bullet do you reckon?
      Might have to try some see
      *(Lee Liquid Alox)

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    I was having the same problem and found the loose ones had a projectile that had not filled out the mold at the top/sprue. Only had one or two per 100 and threw them back in the remelt tin.
    Regards Peter.


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      I had the same thought and so I sweetened the alloy with a bit more 60/40 solder and kept the melt HOT.
      The resulting bullets are sharper & shinier. I also seated each check with a tap of a nylon mallet before sizing.
      Will load & test some this week