New to casting, what brands to buy.

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  • New to casting, what brands to buy.

    I am just getting into casting as the cost of 303 bullets is sending me broke. I want to mold then use the hitek coatings with a gas check. What brand is the best-easiest to use for sizing and adding gas checks. (I won't be lubing). I have an old super simplex press with a 357 lube sizer on it. Can you still get dies for these? Or am I just best to get a Lyman or Lee Setup.

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    I use the lee sizing die's... nice and simple... no top punch needed as it feeds from the base of the projectile.

    If you are going to use hi-tek, then the lee sizing die is perfect. Coat your projectiles first and then add a gas check and run the projectile thru the die... The projectiles will come out sized, already lubed and with a GC seated in.

    A lee die will set you back around $30-40 from memory.


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      Cast bullets in the 303 can be made to shoot exceptionally well BUT not when driven at high velocity. I use a load of 194gn .314 bullet from CBE! This group from a 1900 vintage "Long Tom".

      Hold still varmint, whilst I plugs ya!


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        BAW do you mind if I ask what powder and how much? do you use gas checks?

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        Before you lash out and buy a mould- do a chamber casting of your rifle, then you can see exactly what mould you will need.
        [theeohs vary a lot with internal dimensions]

        Chamber casting metal [equivalent to cerrosafe] is available from Northern Smelters- dirt cheap too, and you will have it in a couple of days.
        [Gives you time to research "cerrosafe chamber casting"]

        One stick of approx.500 grams alloy can be used over and over again- so you will only ever purchase it once.
        IIRC mine cost less than $30 delivered to W.A.

        You will also need a vernier gauge to measure your chamber casting with.

        Saves you buying moulds- only to find they dont work well for your particular rifle.