.36 or .375 ?

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  • .36 or .375 ?

    posted this elsewhere, but maybe it wasn't seen...

    Ball casters out there, my question is....

    is a .36 cal ball mold .360, or .375 ?
    Midway have a LEE .360 mold, but my paperwork for the pistol quotes the ball at .375, so I'm a bit confused
    I still have a wait on my PTA anyhows

    just sayin'.

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    If your guns paper work says .375 then go with that size
    Lee 90420 will be the one.

    BP calibres can be a bit confusing, 44 cal cartidges are .427-.429 the ruger old army is classed as a 44BP yet use a 45 cal ball .457 being popular


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      Measure the cylinder you want it to be oversized slightly for your cylinders so when each ball is seated a neat ring of lead is shaved off each ball ensuring a proper fit.