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  • .45 LC wtf

    Ok I loaded up some 200gn copperhawkes in the brother in laws new (to him) .45 long colt pump gun and one side of the the shell is black and the other nice and clean. Using trail boss and LR primers

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    I'd say too light of a load and the brass is not expanding to seal the chamber, allowing gases to come back along the case.


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      It is a mid strength trail boss load so something I had not considered so thanks I might ramp it up a bit more.

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    Pretty common problem in the 45 Colt with lighter loads.

    I'm not sure you'll get enough trailboss in the case to raise pressures enough to eliminate the problem.

    In my 45's my light loads are 250-255gr hard cast projectiles in front of 7.5-8gr of AP 50 or 8-9gr of AP70N and I still get sooty cases although not to your extent.

    It's one of the reasons the 45 Colt is not as well suited to light cowboy action loads. A 44/40 handles lighter loads without the mess.

    The other trick for 45 Colt is using a 45acp sizing die, you can buy a Lee Carbide die cheaply, and only size half the case by backing the sizing die right out.

    Most 45's have very generous chamber dimensions and this helps seal the chamber better as well as giving very good case tension on the bullet. You should be able to clearly see the base of the bullet thought the brass. Crimp is only there to stop the bullet being forced back into the case and it does very little to provide case tension on the bullet.

    I use Federal LP primers.

    Use Starline 45 Colt brass as it too will make a difference. Winchester would be my second choice.

    I've got some light loads reloaded in brass from Magtech and the brass is shite. I have to virtually hammer the brass out of my revolvers after firing. Win and Starline brass fall out with no effort.

    Is his pump a Taurus ? Let me know and I can give you some loads resources.


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      Thanks Dino
      it is a taurus it is only being used as a plinker for something different up at our farm not for CAS or similar. The brass we bought new from the Adelaide gun show so i have no idea what brand it is. Being cheap @rses we bought an older rcbs die set from fleabay so it isn't even carbide (i regret that now as this gun will eat bullets big time). Once we burn off these 200gn copper hawkes I will probably use Spartan projies as they are just down the road so some load data would be great. I might get some powder to run hotter loads as i am wanting some more punch for .357 loads too so i might find a powder that will do both. i am open to suggestions. In reality if there is no damage to be done to either the rifle or the shooter i am happy to clean off the cases and just keep running trail boss.

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    http://data.hodgdon.com/cartridge_load.asp Hi I own a 45 myself and have found some load data http://www.realguns.com/loads/45coltr.htm
    Some powders mentioned are available here, others there have comparable powders here, but read the fine print the data is for 94win and ruger blackhawk, I've tried a couple and have no doubt they would stop a big pig, but be careful. As mentioned before size half the case.