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    About $40 worth of pewter sourced from the local op shops, I figure close to 30 pounds.

    At adding roughly 5 % to a casting session of WW means 600 pounds of alloy.

    At 400 odd grains per projectile, and 7000 grains to a pound that is roughly...

    10500 pills for the 45/70. (happy to be corrected if I have stuffed up the maths)

    Should keep me going for a while... :

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Nice work, that is a heap of pewter. Those ingots are fairly big if you are only adding 5% at a time. A tip I learnt from is to have a set of scales with a piece of glass or other heat-proof top. Know how much an ingot or mug is and how much you want to add. Then just dip the pewter in to the molten alloy in increments to easily melt off the weight you want. Works very well.

    Some of the beer mugs are so nice I don't want to melt them down. However having tried drinking from them I just don't see the appeal of drinking from a metal mug.


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      Aaahhhhh, some fine pieces of memorabilia there. . . . . . I mean forgetarabilia.

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    Obviously your not a beer drinker
    Hold still varmint, whilst I plugs ya!


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      Iv wondered if a single spinning mould would make balanced bullets? No idea how one would make a spinning mould though.

      I looked up the barrel of a naval gun in Hawaii and the wear marks indicated the big rounds are very out if balance and rip pieces out if the bore as they go, or at least that's how it looked.