The .35 Calibre.

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  • The .35 Calibre.

    This is a calibre that has me intrigued.

    I have just recently re-barrelled a .308 7600 into a .358Win.

    Yet to fire a shot in anger, but keen to see the results.

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    Froth on the .35 myself, Love the Whelan cartridge myself.



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      A 358 Win in the Browning BLR has always been one I would like to own. Enough speed for flat trajectory out to 250-300y if needed and enough bullet weight and diameter to smack any Aussie big game down.

      A lever action in 35 Rem would be sweet too, while the 35 Whelan with all that powder capacity might be the best of them.

      If I was hunting really big stuff a 358 Norma would be on the wish list too.

      I am also keen to see how your new 358 goes, can you post a test report? Going to handload?


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        Yeah, will have to hand load, which I don't normally do.

        I am keen to get into the reloading thing also.

        I have never seen .358Win factory ammo.


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          Another vote for the .358 calibres. So much variety in loading from .357 jacketed 158grain pistol bullets or .358 cast pistol bullets over light loads of Trail Boss to 200, 225 or 250grain cast or jacketed.

          I have a 98k Mauser by FN, re-bored to .35 Whelen, one of the Peter Davern originals done in the 1980's in Victoria. The image in my avatar is the 250grain .358 cast bullet mold by Cast Bullet Engineering. I have got this to 2100fps with 1 1/4 inch groups at 100m. Only down side is it does not feed well in my Mauser when OAL is out long as it likes for accuracy.

          Have you seen this website:

          This is a great article on some stiff loads for the Whelen from that website, written by Paco Kelly:

          Or this from Ken Pearce's book Walking them up:

          The Guns Game magazine had an article on the 358 in April June 2006 which a mated showed me recently.

          Errol Mason also has a bit in his book one about the 35 whelen, nothing on the .358 Win from memory?


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            There is the 35 Sambar wildcat (parent case 30 WSM) and the 35 CRG (parent 30RCM) who knows if they add much the 35 whelen doesn't.

            Our original local 35 wildcat was the 35-303 also called the 35 Territorian.


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              I also remembered I saw this Whelen done on a mauser action, maybe a commercia action, for sale last week:
              Seems like a lot of money however might be a good commercial action, sporter barrel, new stock etc.


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                Yeah good call, thr 35 Sambar would be a goer too, id proberly load it down a bit an not look for velocity that's affixed with the WSM cases... just me tho.

                That's interesting that the 'article' by paco Kelly includes Sambar? or does the link not refer to the picture?

                Edit** Didn't see the Guns an Game mention below the photo.

                all well