130 grainers in 308 - Woodleigh vs Hornady

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  • 130 grainers in 308 - Woodleigh vs Hornady

    Hi All,

    Just wondering whether anybody has experience with 130 g Hornady SPs and Woodleigh 130g PSPs for 308. I want a 130 g load for goats and small deer for the pot so meat damage matters. May also take opportunity shots on pigs. Is the Woody worth the extra expence?
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    we use 130gr speer tnt, and have found them to be very accurate ( sub moa, or less than 1" @ 100yds easily), and have a devastating effect on goats, pigs, medium sized dear out to 300yds.
    its the same projectile as federal use in their "law enforcement branded ammo.
    worth trying, as they're ideal for a lot of aussie game.
    as shown below.

    the one on the left was nailed by the 130gr pill.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	028_2013-10-01.JPG
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    as you can see, they're not too much for thin skinned ferals either
    Click image for larger version

Name:	fatfox.jpg
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    this fella copped a 130 as well
    Click image for larger version

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    this fox got emptied out real quick with the 130 tnt running at over 3000 fps. (note, a warm load.)
    Click image for larger version

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    currently my favorite 308 pill !!
    the hornady 130 would be a good all rounder.
    what shoots well in your rifle?
    for general hunting I doubt the woody would be worth the extra coin.


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      Mr R,

      I use 45g of Ar2206h with the 130g Hornady, no experience with the Woodleigh.

      I get about 2800fps out of a 24 inch barrel and I use it almost solely for cull work under a spotlight. I have not found it too damaging on carcasses. I think if you pumped up the speed it would tear up lots of meat.

      I think the above load would be fine for fallow deer and goats, and pigs. In fact I know it works well on goats and pigs!

      They are very accurate in my old 308 which has had probably 10,000 to 12,000 rounds through it.

      Good luck with it.

      - Bob


      • Mr. R
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        Thanks Gents for the good advice,

        I have used the Woodies in a Winchester Varmint factory load on goats, the worked well and except for one fired at a little sub-20kg nanny at 10 metres into the ribs didn't appear to do an excessive amount of meat damage. I have also tried them out as my first attempt at reloading and they are shooting ok. Not sub-MOA, closer to 2 inches actually but that is the same or less than I get with a factory load so I put it down to my shooting (I have only fired about 300 rounds of 308 in my life). They are a good 25cents/50% more expensive than the Hornadys though so there is a considerable incentive to get the Hornadys shooting well.

        I think I will try a similar load to the one you suggest Bob, except on BM-2 because that is what I have in stock at the moment.

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      Ive run the woodies in all my calibres from the various .30 cals up to my .416 and cant fault them. Also buying them supports an aussie business so the extra expense is worth it in my opinion.
      They have a good testing program and will give you pill advice if you email them with your specifications.


      • Mr. R
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        Thanks Guys,

        I understand that Woodies are probably better in respect to meat damage, being a hard "controlled expansion" type versus an "explosive expansion" for the Hornady 130s. What I am thinking is that I use the Hornady's for practice and goats, the later being a dime a dozen where I hunt so I can afford a bit of meat damage and still be likely to fill the esky on a trip. If I get to go on a Fallow hunt I'll load some Woodies as the Venison is likely to be a lot harder to come by.


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      As sendit suggested. I've been using Speer 130gr hollow point of goats for about 20 years now and they are extremely effective. Shot out of a 30-06 but would be equally effective in your 308.