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  • 30BR - Something Different

    A cartridge that is something different from the ordinary. Been around for awhile and is one of the best "Score" Target shooting cartridges in the world. Is also used for short / medium range hunting and packs a little surprise. It's "Group" Target shooting pal is the 6mmPPC.

    Pictured are from left to right the .22BR, 6mmBR and 30BR cartridges.

    It starts off life as a standard 6mmBR Lapua case and has it's neck expanded with a Mandrel in one pass to 30 Calibre. This creates rather a large "donut" on the outside of the case from where the neck / shoulder junction once was located and this must be removed by Neck Turning.

    Before Neck Turning.

    After neck turning.

    The bullets loaded as shown are 118gr Copperhead "30 Calibre BR" and are around 0.990" in length, base to meplat (tip). They are Flat Base Target Bullets.

    Barrels are specifically made for this short bullet and are typically 17 -18 Twist. The bullet range is typically 110-120gr and the Freebore / Lead is from Zero to 0.010" only. The most commonly used and preferred powder is H4198 (AR2207) at around 32.00gr charge weight. Yes, that's right AR2207, a fast powder. The tested velocity is around 2,950fps.

    There is something really magic about this particular calibre beside it's ultra accuracy. It doesn't wear barrels nor stress cartridge cases. One of the foremost competition target shooters in the USA has fired around 8,000 rounds through one Kreiger Barrel and is still winning competitions with it. He initially formed 150 Lapua Cases and is still using the same batch after 50 odd reloads. Magic.....!!!!!

    The concentricity of a newly formed case is terrible due to the way it's expanded to 30 Calibre. The shoulder area is not correct until it is Fire-Formed but is still very accurate.

    Here's a photo of the first group shot at 175 metres in a brand new barrel and after only 5 shots to complete run in....ie copper fouling stopped. This is Fire-Forming Cases.

    I only had 10 cases at that time so no load development has been done, the powder load was an educated guess. Primers used were Federal 205M and bullets were seated 0.002" off the lands. All this will change once I fire-form the remaining 90 cases.

    Down to the Rifle. Just a modified .223R Remington 700 VSSF built by Shane Clancy, Narrandera. Bolt face opened out (Firing Pin Sleved), 2oz Jewell BR Trigger (bottom bolt release), Laminated Ply Stock, 26.5" Kreiger 5R Stainless Match Barrel, Ken Farrell 20MOA Rail (JB Weld Bedded) and a March 10-60x52mm Scope.

    I didn't put this under "Projects" since it's not. The Rifle was purchased as a 6.5x47 Lapua already built with a new 30BR Barrel. This is about the calibre really not a rifle build.

    The complete unit......enjoy....!!!

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    Are you going to use the 30br for benchrest or long range ( f-class open i gather)?


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      Mega commented
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      The calibre / cartridge design is for short range target (benchrest) out to 300 metres. Typically Benchrest Hunter Class but this Rifle weighs 14.6lb at present and will only be used for club use and training. I need to trim the weight down.

      They are Flat Base short range bullets with a low sub .300 G1 BC.

      It is reported the calibre has won some titles at 600 yards in the USA and a 500m Fly in Oz but not confirmed.

      I think it will do great letting others have a shot that have never used or own a true target rifle. I'm not worried about wearing it out.

      It will be going to the SSAA Mudgee Range often once I get it tuned and cases completed.

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    That's pretty cool Mega! how do you find it in comparison with 22BR and 6mmBR? 112gr at 2950fps sounds like it would hit hard for hunting.

    i wish i had the money to get into stuff like this, I've always been interested in the engineering of calibers/rifles. i like how some calibers can be really efficient in power/energy etc.

    Also, with the JB Welded bedding job, what did you use as a release agent?




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      Mega commented
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      I have a 22BR with two barrels, one a 1:14 the other 1:8. Then a 6mmbr 1:14 Twist. The slow twists for short range out to 300m.

      The two slow twists I have used with varmint bullets and they are fantastic on small critters. The 22BR is past it's use by date for Target but it still shoots 0.5" 5 shot groups so is ideal for varminting. They are in a Sako S491 normal stock but single shot. No worries as it's very quick to throw a round in the chamber.

      As I said earlier, the 30BR is used in the USA for hunting but a faster twist rate and hunting bullets. I believe it is quite a package and hits hard for this really small cartridge. Wish I had a .308 cartridge to show the comparison.

      Nobody I have found can explain why this combination is so kind on barrels & cases....

      The JB Weld I used Kiwi Neutral Shoe Polish. I applied a liberal coating all around the action top and let it dry for a few minutes then polished it witha rag, then another coat and polished it again. Kiwi down the screw holes and all around the mounting screws. Mixed the JB Weld, let it sit for 20 minutes to dry slightly then applied to the Rail. Used cotton buds sprayed with wd-40 to clean up as I applied light tension to the screws, Final nip with about 5"lb of tension and a final clean up and let set for 16 hours near the wood heater. Light tap with a rubber mallet and it's off.

      Third one I've done without a drama.

      I first used Imperial Sizing Wax that I coat cartridge cases with.... same result. Hope that helps.

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    Just as a comparison for the size of these Lapua BR Cases for those that have never seen one.

    From left to right is 30BR, 6.5x47 Lapua, .243 Winchester and 30-30 Winchester.


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      NuZo commented
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      Wow, that thing is tiny!



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    Its a cartridge I have been interested in for a while.
    Thanks for the write up.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to justify a use for such a cartridge.
    How do you feel it would hold up against the 6BR at longer ranges?



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      Hi JH,

      Against a 105gr VLD ....no show I would say.

      Half the BC nearly and Flat Base vis long Boat Tail VLD designed for long range.

      When 6602steven sorts out the new 6mmBR and visits next we'll do a 100 to 500m test shoot between the 6mmBR, 6.5x47 Lapua and 30BR. Would be nice if the weather man provided initially a beautiful still day with no mirage then added some wind for stage two of the same tests.

      I think the main challenge will be 6mmBR vis 6.5x47 Lapua.

      Then we have an 800m site picked out if I move the cattle.

      Time will tell and I bet the weather isn't going to be with us.

      I'm yet to Fire-Form my next 90 cases then twiddle the load and seating depth before I take it past our 175m tree site.

      Actually was going to be reloading tonight but there's One Day Cricket and now Formula 1 distraction.


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        Well I will stick to the Fclass then until I get sick of laying in the dirt.

        After that I may just shift over to BR/Fly and put together a little combination like the nice one you have there.

        Next question:
        Looking at the photo I assume that 30BR's pill is seated to the correct distance?
        If so why such a short throat?
        How far dose the pill go into the case?
        Why not a longer throat and a little more case capacity?



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          I've still got to try laying in the dirt but, can I get back up again is the problem. Then there's the Meat Ants, they bite....

          The Bullets at this stage are seated off the lands but need to be pushed forward once I have all the cases fire-formed and start proper load testing. So not quite the correct distance and I need to re-make my OAL Gauge as it's a bit tight in the chamber. Early days for me.

          Here's a photo of a Loaded Cartridge and just a Bullet. Not quite in line so the bullet should be a little further forward. These are 115gr Berger FB.

          And something you will be familiar with a 6.5mm Berger 130gr VLD beside the 30 Cal Berger 115gr FB.

          The short throat is part of the original cartridge design by Randy Robinett and typically the Chamber Reamer used is called a "30 BR Robinett" from PTG.

          When you get time have a read here of the whole 30 BR story. Link below....

          30BR Cartridge Guide Link

          There is also a barrel being made for the Stolle by Pac-Nor and will be here in a month or two after Redback Engineering does the chambering.


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            man that's one stumpy little 30 cal pill.
            to push it @2900+ is quite amazing.
            very efficient lil' thing.


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              Seddo commented
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              If it had a longer throat and a 8 twist it would be a 302 whisper.

              It's one of those calibres I have been interested in but never taken the next step. I could get a second barrel for my 6mm dasher when it's done. Been keen on a 22br as all but when I went 22-250AI I sort of dont need one anymore.