Popular rifle cartridges of the U.S. display board

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  • Popular rifle cartridges of the U.S. display board

    Hey guys, need some help here. I purchased a "Popular rifle cartridges of the U.S." display board, made by Tatonka Cartridge Co. (http://tatonkacartridge.com/rifle.htm). I bought it from a shop in the USA so I had it send to Shipito, a USA mail forwarder. So it arrives at Shipito, I fill out the customs declaration, and pay the postages and fees. All good, but then I get this:
    Unfortunately we cannot ship out your package because it contains gun or gun-related items, parts, accessories. This is under the authority of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Customs Border Protection, and International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), therefore there is no way we can mail this package. Even if the ammo is inert, customs will still deny the package and have it returned. We advise you to return the item to the merchant.

    I have contacted US Customs but I just got this:
    You're more than welcome to email ATF ([email protected]) or contact the number provided in the pervious email. This question would not be addressed but this agency. However we do have additional information about exporting rifles and their parts here: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/388/kw/guns

    Yep useless...I'm pretty sure if I contact the ATF they will tell me to contact the FBI or something. So any idea how I can get this inert rifle cartridge display board that hangs on the wall shipped to me?

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    Fly to America, collect parcel, then book a Cruise over to Awstraya mate

    sorry, im no help here


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      Do you know anybody, friend, relo, workmate who is planning a US trip, or is there now?

      That item would surely fit nicely at the bottom of a suitcase? Just a thought

      Ahhh - just realized it's a board of actual cartridges not a picture . . . . . bad luck

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    Go into the law section and read about the ITARs.

    Then send an email to the US Department of State, and the US Department of Commerce. They will tell you that you do/do not need an export permit and that their advice should not be considered the legal position of the US Government.

    After a month or two you will find that the cost of exporting your cartridge board is far beyond it's real value and you will need to pay to have it returned to the original seller.

    Sorry, but cartridge cases and bullets are controlled items under ITARs and you've just bought a board full of them.


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      Sadly, an expensive way to learn that a bit of research saves a lot a hassle. As adam pointed out it would be prohibitively expensive to consider.

      Administered by the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (“DDTC”), the ITAR regulate exports from the United States and re-exports from abroad of U.S.-origin “defense articles” and “defense services,” as well as certain temporary imports of foreign-made defense articles and “brokering” activities. These items and services have been identified by the U.S. government as being inherently or predominantly suited for military applications, and therefore are subject to extensive export controls.

      The defense articles and defense services subject to the ITAR include those goods, software and technical data that are enumerated on the United States Munitions List (“USML”). In addition to the items enumerated on the USML, the ITAR also control any other article that has been specifically designed, developed, configured, adapted or modified for a military and that does not have “predominant civil applications.”

      With very few exceptions, the ITAR require exporters to obtain prior written authorization from DDTC before exporting or re-exporting defense articles or defense services or engaging in “deemed exports” of ITAR-controlled technical data.


      Exporting Requirements - Generally, any person or company who intends to export or to temporarily import a defense article, defense service, or technical data must obtain prior approval from DDTC. The appropriate license form must be submitted for the purpose of seeking approval. Furthermore, in most cases, in order for a license to be considered, you first must be registered with DDTC.