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    First up I do not reload
    My question does anyone know the ballistics of the Winchester 55gr soft point factory ammo
    I was using Hornady 55gr sp which gave me according to info on the box a MV of 3240 fps
    but am down to my last 200 rounds and the local only had the Winchester so I brought it all
    my Howa will put a hole in a 75mm target all night long with the Hornady out to about 250m I very rarely shoot further when spotlighting most shots around the 100m
    I put 150rnds through the Howa last night while the Winchester still did the job POI didn't change by much slightly higher and to the left by a smidgin
    it just felt different
    a mite slower perhaps
    I wouldn't usually worry about stuff like this but after going through close to 3000 rnds of one type of ammo in a few months the change is real noticeable
    the Winchester's use ADI crimped brass and come in a whit box of 50 if it makes a difference
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    The Winchester website has the ballistics data for all of their ammo.

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      Originally posted by Shotgunner" post=45873
      The Winchester website has the ballistics data for all of their ammo. The search function is a bit dodgy, when you first put in .223 it just comes up with the different ammo brand labels (Super X and the like), but if you click on the relevant brand label you can look down the page and you will see the round you are after.


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      this is the stuff I got, not from here but much cheaper


      the winchester ballistic calculator has them listed at 3240fps( the same as the hornady) the link above has 3215fps
      I don't know how much difference 25 fps makes but the time taken for the twak to be heard seems to take a heck of a lot longer like I said I may be imanging things