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  • .30-06ai

    I have a .308 F-Class rifle built on a Remington 700 long action with a 30" barrel.
    I'm not that impressed with the combo so am considering reverting the rifle back to a long range steel gong shooting rig.

    To get a bit of extra performance I am considering having reamed out to .30-06ai so that I can push the heavier bullets without having to go to all the expense of changing out the bolt face to fit a .300 win mag.

    Anyone have any experience with the .30-06ai in a long barrelled rifle? Worth doing?

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    Why don't you get a normal one....ask this bloke.

    Accuracy Secrets Of The .30-06
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      Because he wants to push the bullets a bit faster which is important at long range.

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    i cant see why it wouldn't be worth doing.
    easy way of up'ing the performance of it.
    only one way to find out.


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      Norm, by all means go for it. I reckon its a good idea. Of course you will not get 300WM performance but with that long barrel you are going to get fine performance indeed.

      You have a long action anyway so why not get the extra powder capacity of the 30-06.

      I think the novelty of the 30-06 AI is interesting. I suspect the real net effect of AI'ing that round will be only about 100fps but if it means your brass won't stretch as much etc, why not?


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        Got the reamer on order. Now the wait begins.
        It will be interesting to see how the .30-06ai goes with the heavies out of the 30" tube.
        Its got a 12 twist barrel so I will have to look at how heavy a bullet will stabilize.

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      can you run the same reamer in your 30.06 die?
      or does it require new dies?


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        Hmmm, if something like the 208g Amax stabilises, 2850fps should be easily achieved in the long barrel. I got near 2700fps with no worries in my standard 30-06 with only a 24 inch barrel.

        Maybe near 3000fps even with the right powder. R22 seems a likely prospect.

        Can you keep us updated when you get it together?