Anyone know what cartridge?

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  • Anyone know what cartridge?

    Found this while cleaning old an old shearing shed.
    MF 57 7 on the base and its rimmed.
    Pictured next to a .308

    Click image for larger version

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    Looks like a 303/25.


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      One of the .303 necked down cartridges. Headstamp is Aust. military (Footscray factory), 1957 manuf. mk 7

      Mic. the bullet to tell which one .303/.270, .303/ .25 etc.
      This post may be fact or opinion, it is up to you to decide which.


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        I would be fairly certain its a 303/25


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          It looks too big in the photo for a 303/25. I'd say a 303/270.

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        Here's a couple I picked up 20 odd years ago in the riverina, just came across them again at the folks place.
        Couldn't measure as the old fella doesn't have a caliper, but I guess they're around the 6.5 mark. Both have ferrous projectiles(magnetic). The silver projy case has G A B 40 on the base, and the copper projy case has SMT O41 on the base.
        Pictured with a 222rem.
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          Those two with the .222 look to be 6.5x52 or 6.5 carcano. The projectile gives it away.