ADI 2208 in 300WSM.. anyone?

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  • ADI 2208 in 300WSM.. anyone?

    Hey Im looking into reloading for my 300wsm an using 150 or 165 Hornady interlock SP projectiles.
    I see on the ADI site that 2208 is capable for up to 165gr projectiles but from what I can tell the velocity isn't at its highest as it could be with other powders.
    Although with 2208 I can reload for the Brit, 35w and the 270win all using the same powder which im leaning toward doing...

    whats ya thoughts?
    Have you tried 2208 an how did it perform for you?


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    You can give it a go, what's the worst that could happen? Your rifle might not like it....but at least you have it a shot and know. I would be more inclined as to run 2209. I had great results using 2209 for the 168 Amax in the win mag, also 2213c but I am biting much more powder the the WSM. My 300 mainly drives the 208 nowadays. The .308 for the 168 dose a good job on dem darn Varmints


    • jasmay
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      Think you will struggle with pressure issues, from my experience its a bit fast burning most people start at 2209 or similar...

    • WhelanLad
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      yeah that's right, my main issue is the velocity is o nthe lower end of the scale with the 2208, but im not sure if il miss the fps.. Id say I will end up using it, as I use it for the Whelen an can use it for 270 and the 303 brit aswell... id like to use the one powder if I can

      was looking for experiences with it.

      Also what happens if you use say a 180gr with 2208? its not listed as a powder to use... but why is this an what would happen?