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  • cheapest ammo in Sydney

    Hey All.
    i was wondering where you guys from sydney get your ammo from.
    I usually try buy ammo in larger qualities to save fuel instead of buying a box or two everytime i go out.
    saves more money this way as the more times im in a shop the more i will impulse buy.

    I wish to get some 22lr, .308 and some 12 gauge shotshells.

    last time i went to HPGS with the sale they had in the magazine catalogue but i was wondering if anyone knew of anything similar or better.

    and are there typically any ammo sales in time for christmas? or the new year?


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    I have found the guys at Safari Firearms in Bexley to have some excellent deals on ammo from time to time. They don't advertise much but there is often a 'Specials' sign hanging above the main counter. I don't think any dealers really run Christmas sales per se.

    Gary runs a tight ship and his prices are often better than can be got at a shop that can't be named in Qld which spends a bundle on advertising.

    You can also negotiate with Gary, especially if you are looking for lots of at least 100 to 200 rounds for centre fire ammunition. Last time I was there he had about 20,000 12 ga rounds stacked near the front door. Might be worth a call (mid week) to ask about any red hot specials.


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      It all depends on the type of ammo you are after, most of the main larger gunshops in the Sydney basin are fairly competitive these days.
      If you intend on shooting a fair bit, ask for case prices.
      ring around, this is my order of preference..

      The GunSmiths sefton
      Safari, Bexly
      Western Firearms, have frequent specials, beverly hills
      NSWRA Shop Malabar, rifle range
      Magnum Sports Rosewille Chase
      Horsley Park, Horsley Park