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    Hey All,

    I posted this on the “old” forum however, it's worth another shout over here.

    Just a heads up about a fabulous hunting / reloading / long range shooting forum in New Zealand.

    The site is call Terminal Ballistics Research and is run my Nathan Foster ( see link below)

    I have nothing but good solid no bullsh!t advise from Nathan, no matter how banal the question.

    So if you have not visited the sit do yourself a favour and have a look. The whole site is great.

    I recently purchased Nathan's book on the long range rifle, it's a good read.

    Click image for larger version

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    I have read that site a bit. The bloke certainly seems to have a lot of practical info and experience. Good of him to set it all out on a site for all to read.

    While no one knows everything its good to share, one of the reasons I get on shooting forums. While I learn a lot, maybe I can even help someone else along the way.


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      Hey Bobnob,

      Yep while there is a heap of ballistics and reloading info , there is also tons of stuff dedicated to long range shooting/hunting on the site as well as a few good videos of game been taken at extended ranges.


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    Yeah, Nathan's site is a favorite of mine too. I've got one of his bedding kits, but haven't put it to use just yet.
    If I knew I was gonna live this long I would've taken better care of myself