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  • Ammo box lock

    I was up at Warwick on the weekend at the QLD State and National BR comp, I saw this ammo box lock idea that Michael Truscott had done and thought I would share it here. Bloody great idea IMO!
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Nice. Much better than messing with padlocks.

    No trees were harmed in the production of this post, but some electrons were greatly inconvenienced.


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      Awesome!! I have a couple of these boxes that my Dad brought back from his service in Vietnam. I have been looking at ways to put a lock on them without butchering the box as they hold some sentimental value.

      Thanks For sharing!!


      • Greenwich-biker
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        Brilliant - looks neat too. Just a bit of Dremel work involved

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      Now that idea is a big winner...!
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