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    Hi All,

    I ran a few rounds through the chrono today to get a ballpark figure of the MVs of where my rifles were firing and got the following results:

    CZ 452 22LR (22.5 inch barrel) - Lapua Standard Plus - 1059 fps
    - CCI Stinger - 1602 fps

    Tikka T3 Hunter 308 (22.5 inch barrel - Winchester Varmint Express with 130g Woodleigh PSP factory loads - 2870ish fps
    - Factory load with 130g Woodleigh PSPs, 45g of Benchmark 2, CCI primers and new Winchester brass - 2760ish fps

    I only fired individual rounds of the .22 and factory 308 to get a ballpark mv, for sighting purposes with the .22 and for comparison with the .308. However, but I put a five round string of the factory rounds and got an SD of 9.2. I understand from looking around the net that this is reasonably consistent? That said I would be interested to hear from others what they have come to expect of SDs for similar rifles and loads.

    I'm still not quite where I want to be with the grouping with the Tikka 308, today my three round groups averaged about 1.3 moa, but I think that a lot of that could be me getting used to shooting the bigger round off the bench.
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    I woulda said an SD of 9 is very consistent.


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      Ta, good to know.