Wish all my loads were this fast

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  • Wish all my loads were this fast

    Did some load testing with some 50gr Varmint grenades that i had left over from a mates 22-250 that wouldn't stabilize them, These should make some red mist!

    Click image for larger version

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    What caliber is it....22-250 or something?
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    • Denaus4
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      22-250 Ackley, load is still not showing massive pressure signs only just starting to flatten the primer.

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    yep,......should make little red puffs for sure.
    i've had trouble with VG's blowing up in flight when pushed to the max in my 22-250's.
    then went to 50gr B-tips and had good success.
    not quite as quick as the ackley, but still getting 3850 to 3900 when pushed.
    40gr B-tips would be ok in your ackley.
    i can run them successfully & accurately at 4100+, and they're like little land mines.
    curious to see how you'd go with the ackley.


    • Vromme
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      That is bloody quick. I did some load testing the other day with BM2, 50gn Nosler BT and went just over 4k (dont have my notes for exact).

      Really quite devastating on small to mid game.

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    What sort of barrel life would you expect with those loads?


    • Denaus4
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      Hi Brent not to sure, at a guess about 1500 before accuracy drops off.