Case capacity difference??

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  • Case capacity difference??

    Hi all
    have 2 batches of brass from 2 different manufacturers
    brass is within 4 grains of each other
    question is do I reload at same proven load or do I start load development again
    Thank A-Bolt

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    what is your current load?
    (and what brass is it in?)
    i guess if you're target shooting and accuracy is vital,'ll need to have a load for each of your two batches.
    otherwise if its hunting ammo it won't matter enough to see a real difference.


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      TBH I have never really lost the accuracy node with diff case brands and I use a few.
      With machines cleaning them inside and out and good case prep, I had great accuracy until the barrels wore a bit.

      Had my first case separation after firing the batches of cases for years and up to 20 times.
      Was kinda wondering when some would die.


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        If its proven @ 4grs less, start again .
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          If you are at max, you will need to start again.


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            Good point there MrCarbine and when full and or compressed there could be more difference.
            Would have to back off and work up for safety.

            Mine all have air space so that takes up the minor changes.

            At one stage, I thought the Lap cases were shooting better than the others, but latter batches of Federal were good again I just kept watching for patterns, could never quite put my finger on it.

            That was in 6.5 Creedmoor, but in .223 the diff cases definitely made no grouping difference.
            Again, they were not max and had air space.


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              Brass is 5x denser that powder, so 4 grains of brass is only taking up space for 1 grain if (uncompressed) powder. It won’t make much difference unless you’re wringing the tits off it.