Along the Ho Chi Minh Trail

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  • Along the Ho Chi Minh Trail

    Lots of interesting pics with descriptions here. Would be awesome riding along the trail like this.

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    Very interesting mate, would be a great trip - I'd stick pretty strictly to the beaten path though, lest ye lose your legs
    Laos & particularly the trail was the designated "dumping" ground for bombers returning laden to NKP (Thailand) from scrubbed missions over Hanoi. I've heard it said there's enough unexploded ordnance over there to fight the war again. The strikes aimed @ interdiction of the trail often involved ordnance that scattered hundreds of tiny ap mines/bomblets to distrupt transport, troops etc

    If you've not already, I'd suggest getting yourself a copy of "bury us upside down" & "the ravens"
    well worth a read - covering this sort of stuff
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