Lithgow smle serial numbers mystery?

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  • Lithgow smle serial numbers mystery?

    Picked up 2 Lithgow made SMLE rifles recently, both are full wood but have H barrels and no rear sights. A 1942 and a 1944 manufacture date. My latest 1942 rifle has two four digit serials on the reciever ring (one above the other). The nosecap and bolt both have the same s/n matching one of the receiver serial nos. It does not have an assembly number on the receiver.

    I have 2 other 1942 lithgows that have date appropriate serial numbers according to the Lithgow website. ( 'E' prefix & 5 digit serial nos)
    Can any other the knowledgeable Lithgow experts explain this ?

    The 1944 rifle has a 'A' prefix 5 digit serial number (which would make it a WW1 production rifle) with matching serials on butt, forewood and nosecap, but not bolt (about 400 away)

    Same mystery as the 1942 example.

    All marking are clear on both.

    Both had been set up as fullbore range rifles. Both H barrels date to the 1950's.
    This post may be fact or opinion, it is up to you to decide which.