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    Originally posted by adamjp View Post
    Hi SAAME,

    Great to see some interest in these old weapons isn't it?

    I covered the double triangle early in the thread

    Whilst it is one of the recognised Masonic symbols, there are many that are more commonly used in Masonic communication, and the most common star like symbol is the Masonic Blazing Star, aka a pentagram which also appears in neo-classical witchcraft symbology.
    I will take your word for it .
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      Originally posted by HERNE View Post
      Ok. I think it was mentioned earlier in the thread but below is a link that explains the star symbol on the sword shown... I reckon the 'Gamer type Numpty' in the video is on the money.

      Forget secret hand shakes or coven's... It's less complex.
      Nice, hadn't seen that before.


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        The irony of it all is it's such a well known and used ideogram... But it's from Persian origin.
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