How collectible is womens' militaria?

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  • How collectible is womens' militaria?

    ...relative to the equivalent male or unisex item? I'm thinking in general, uniforms across different countries and times. Is there much interest in collecting due to rarity or are they considered to be worth less due to being in less demand for reenactors / smaller size etc?

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    Mate you've lost me, I ahve know idea what you are talking about


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      Hi Burp,
      I'd be totally guessing, but in Oz - very low - maybe due to volume the US would have a better market...


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        womens uniforms from WW2 such as the land army, nursing corp etc a hard to get in original condition with patches and provenance etc..probably like the blokes uniforms were worn after the war till they wore out

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        Yes, I was referring to uniforms worn by female personnel. I might hang onto the few I find then.

        In the Australian/US/UK context, their NSN number is quite distinct. The male and unisex uniform items are prefixed by 8415 or 8405 its seems, but female items are 8410.

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      I have seen a few women in uniform at reenacting events from time to time and a few vendors sell reproduction stuff also I.s wright has a few come up but they are rare but as with anything if its old and militaria its worth some thing to the right person


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        If you look at e-bay, items of women's clothing do come on to the market, dress uniforms, head gear, badges etc........generally they attract much lower prices and appear to have "novelty" value only. As for DCPU's Greens etc, in my time there was no such thing as women's DCPU's, we all got the same.