Remembrance day -Compilation of colour footage of First World War.

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  • Remembrance day -Compilation of colour footage of First World War.

    Hey everybody, I made this unlisted video last night for remembrance day (To post on Facebook :P ), using Sony Vegas 12. (Almost) all of the colour footage that I could find on the net. I hadn't realized, but the amount of German colour footage dwarfs that of any other nation, although I'm unsure if it is original or colourized, there is some amazing footage. The video contains footage of the German, Austrian, French, Russian and British forces in that order.

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    Wow great work Samurai. Colourised or not, even WW2 colour footage takes me aback a bit as you come to terms with the fact it wasn't that long ago...but WW1 in colour is amazing. Really brings it home.

    Thanks for sharing, awesome stuff mate.


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      Great presentation.
      Something that caught my eye is a scene at 14:06 where German soldiers are firing their rifles. It looks like they are using black powder load - I wonder if that's part of a training film (I do not mean to offer any disrespect on this solemn day).