WW2 German BMW R71 Replica Motorcycle

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  • WW2 German BMW R71 Replica Motorcycle

    I recently came across a 1962 Chang Jiang CJ750 in good condition for the right price and have decided to build a R71 replica. The CJ750 is a chinese copy of the russian M72 motorcycle which is itself a copy of the R71 so there shouldn't be too much involved in converting it.

    here is the bike

    here is the intended outcome. (minus sidecar and mg34)

    If anyone is interested I'll keep this thread updated with the build. I'm going to try and find parts first and then have it painted. First on the list will be a high speed final drive so that it can be used more comfortably on the highway and some mikuni carbs.
    WTB: 38/40 barrel or donor rifle, snider/p53 lock and breech parts, 10-15 round blued 38 super 1911 mag, AIA/skk mag with star on the side. Pm me on forum.

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    Please do the side car and the MG42!


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      i although i think you may be greatly underestimating the differences between the two bikes i wish you well on the project,

      gonna need a couple of litres of olive drab to cover all that black and chrome



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        What do you mean by that? I understand the repainting will be a big job. Other than that and a few cosmetic parts I should be able to get a fairly close replica.

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      that looks pretty darn cool to me keep the pictures coming


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        Keep us up to date mate... Looks like t will be a bit of work and a lot of fun...


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          Cerakote? lol


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            I've been riding since the 70's and I've never seen one of these Chinese girls on the road here before.

            I think you've scored such a unique and pretty bike to start with, and in such good condition that I couldn't bear to cover it with olive drab if it were mine.....that's just me though and I'm sure you'll be pleased with the outcome.

            Good luck with the project, and many of us will be interested to see pictures when you finish this one. Oh, and once it's done, maybe consider going the sidecar too as your next project!


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              Buy a Ural, much cheaper. There are 2 of them in my branch of the Ulysses Club. If you don't want to go faster than 100ks, its the bike for you,


              If you are silly enough to buy one, $18,000 is around the going price, good luck.


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                Quick thumbnail history.....

                Germany gave the Russians a superceded BMW factory when they were kinda friendly just before the great unpleasantness of the 1940's

                When the Russians over-ran Germany a couple of years later- they confiscated the newer BMW factory and took it back to Russia.

                A few years later, the Russians were horribly short of tucker- so a spare BMW factory was traded for a shipment of Chinese produce.

                If the sidecar is on the rhs- you can have the sidecar wheel driven, unfortunately- if the coffin is on the left you cant.

                A bloke I know in Finland reckon the URALS are great fun- and the sidecar is handy for carrying drums of oil, fuel and lots of spare parts - all of which they tend to consume in large quantities in comparison to modern motorcycles!

                all times wasted wots not spent shootin'