Nutfancy Project: Mauser Kar98k "Lion Heart" Drill run 'n' gun

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  • Nutfancy Project: Mauser Kar98k "Lion Heart" Drill run 'n' gun

    G'day guys!

    Here' another video by The Nutfancy Project that will appeal to all you Mauser Kar98k owner here


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    The Kar98k in the video looks like a Mitchell's Mauser one, ex-reven.

    In regards to Mauser Kar98k rifles in Australia, it seems that the Israeli Mauser seems to be the most prolific and the most affordable Mauser Kar98k on the market in our country while all the German Mausers in 8mm are the most expensive. What gives?

    P.S. ex-reven. The guys over at The Nutfancy Project really show how effective the old ex-mil bolt guns are in tactical shooting.


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      lol you guys need to put your listening ears on, at the 18sec mark he tells us that it is a "mitchells mausers collector grade K98... german variety".

      i wouldnt mind buying one but even they are too expensive at the $1800 mark, i'll stick with a No4 mk 1, altho that thick but plate does look like it would have some heft to it.


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        I don't know, ex-reven. Israeli Mausers are very popular with shooters and military gun collectors in Australia because these rifles have a lot of history under their belts i.e. saw extensive combat with Israeli forces from the 1940s until the mid 1970s. Also, the calibre of the Israeli Mauser is another selling point for the rifle's popularity in Australia today.


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          Here's another Lion Heart run 'n' gun drill with WWII guns by the Nutnfancy guys for your viewing pleasure