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  • Madsen MG1A

    Not sure if many have made it down to Australia. I glommed mine a few years back.

    Last of the military bolt-action rifles. Made in the late 40's, supposedly only sold to Columbia. Apparently not used much by Colombia, as almost all that I've seen are pristine.

    The Madsen employs a Mannlicher style action, is chambered in 30.06. They came with a built in rubber butt pad, windage-adjustable rear sights and a muzzle brake. Mine is decently, although not spectacularly accurate.

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    Nice Rifle, Keep them coming Mustang


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      Nice rifle Mustang,
      I've not seen any down here in Australia but have read of them in Paul Scarlata's milsurp book & articles.
      They opted for a split rear bridge and a number of other features to simplify the machining processes required and thus keep the price down, however I think they overestimated the size of the market they were catering to and with the advent of practical semi-auto's, and copious amounts of bolt milsurps available it was a design out of time.
      That said I'd still love to put one through it's paces

      -Thanks for sharing-
      Repro L42a1 Project


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        I've seen photos of these but never actually seen one in Australia.
        Fitted with a muzzle brake too, if memory serves...
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          Thanks, guys.

          I think Madsen did miss the market, as you say, Brian. The market was changing from bolt to semi and there were far too many surplus bolt action military rifles floating around for anyone to make any money designing and marketing a new bolt military rifle.


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            I think I read somewhere that they were made in small quantities in 6.5x55 too.
            A pristine piece you have there Mustang.Sweet!

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          I think there may have been a small contract from one of the African nations as well if i remember correctly.
          WTB: 38/40 barrel or donor rifle, snider/p53 lock and breech parts, 10-15 round blued 38 super 1911 mag, AIA/skk mag with star on the side. Pm me on forum.


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            Originally posted by alkapitano" post=10132
            I think there may have been a small contract from one of the African nations as well if i remember correctly.
            Do you recall which nation and whether it was chambered in 30.06?