Slazenger-Lithgow Small Arms Factory 1953 Product Catalogue

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  • Slazenger-Lithgow Small Arms Factory 1953 Product Catalogue

    Hi all,

    I got this reproduction catalogue off some rampaging capitalist shark of eBay a few months ago, and finally got around to scanning it and assembling it as a PDF to share with the site.

    I really, really dislike eBay scum who sell off copies of other companies' IP - especially product manuals - for profit. It's just not theirs to sell. Unfortunately a few too many companies fail to make their manuals publicly available (especially older ones made before PDF documents became the norm) which kinda opens the doors to these guys.

    In the case of this particular manual, obviously Slazenger Sporting Rifles ceased to be a trading concern years ago, and I'd guess that this catalogue legally would be public domain by now. Anyway, I spent my $15 and now I'm going to have the last laugh by sharing with everyone Posted Image.

    Shown below are a few page grabs, but you can download the whole thing (10Mb - 25 pages) PDF here. Quality is only fair due to being a reasonably lousy print of a scanned old brochure, which I then rescanned at 150dpi, so don't expect much if you choose to reprint yourself.

    It nonetheless gets some interesting info and pics out there. Maybe it is just the content, but I find these old catalogues much more interesting than modern fare. There's a certain candour and confidence about the copywriting of that era.


    Cheers, Ben.