What did Santa bring for xmas??????

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  • What did Santa bring for xmas??????

    Santa has been very good to me this year, I picked up a Lee Speed in original configuration and still fitted with long range sights. Also got a very nice BSA martini action 1885 in .450,Vic Gov markings, with a tiger pattern wood, bore excellent and differently a shooter.

    Also picked up my presentation gun, being a No1 Mk3, 1916 Lithgow which has bits that have been gold plated and it also has a gold plated bayonet to suit. It had come from a collector which stated that it was a presentation gun for a major when he left the army. Its been in two collectors hands for the past 30 years.

    Also when at my LGS, I scored a very nice 1952 Lithgow Model 55 carbine and whilst there I managed to score a 1918 Lithgow bayonet that he had on consignment, I couldn't leave it there.

    I will attempt to get some photos tomorrow if the weather is good enough.

    What did Santa bring you??????????

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    Must say the 'presentation Lithgow' sounds intriguing Bathurst

    Don't think Santa's going to be at all forthcoming this year...since I've kinda beaten him to the punch for most of 2013 lol


    • Bathurst72
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      Yes, the presentation gun is something different. It took me two years to get it out of the last bloke. He only wanted it to go to a good home and he can come a look and play when ever he wants.

      The Lee Speed is also very interesting in that it has a small brass plate fitted to the butt, It has something WHITEHEAD engraved. I would guess that this is also a presentation gun for a rifle competition way back when you won guns and ammo for your shooting ability. It has no military markings at all and is in superb condition and would be a very good shooter.

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    Nothing yet

    Still waiting on some things to come but I figure what ever I get caught with in the next few weeks will be my "xmas present"
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      A vortex viper pst 6-24


      • GD308
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        My chrissy present was new car tyres........yep boring.

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      Does help get you to the range tho GD


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        Nope, they were for the wife's car..

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        I asked Santa for a 4kg tub of AR2206H.....

        all times wasted wots not spent shootin'


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          I too got my Xmas presents early
          1st was Battlefield 4 Premium Digital Deluxe it was what I ask for and got( thank you my wife, I mean Santa ) and then I scored a trip to UK for 3 weeks with the old man , thanks Dad Only cost me my spending $$$ about $900 cause we stay with dad family, Been back about 2 weeks .
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            this is usually what I get.
            a guts ache
            head ache
            wallet ache.

            so anyway,..........I got a rem700 police 308 on the way. just awaiting the pta.

            but its all about the kiddies anyway.


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              I must have been naughty, cause Santas a tight arse.


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                Originally posted by Needbiggertargets" post=46101
                I must have been naughty, cause Santas a tight arse.

                Had to take the matter into my own hands and get myself a new Daiwa Certate Spin Reel and about $400 worth of Japanese Lures plus about $300 worth of Terminal Tackle. Going fishing tomorrow for a couple of days and taking the Mrs and Kids up to Coconuts Resort in Cairns for a week in the New Year.

                Oh almost forgot got a new 50" Panasonic LCD/LED for my new back deck (paid $500 towards it myself). So I may get to watch a couple of hours TV a week now as the kids have taken over the other 2 TV's.

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              For christmas I bought myself an RCBS rock chucked kit and some related goodies.


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                Santa won't be coming to me.... I know I shouldn't say it but I'm beginning to wonder if he even exists anymore... it's not quite xmas day yet though so I should give him the benefit of the doubt I guess...


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                  Old boy has built me a biggdawg spec stainless tumbler!

                  Just deprimed 2000odd 223 and 500 308! Getting ready too run it hot!


                  • MrCarbine
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                    Been a bad boy this year.....
                    so I've been send off to Thailand

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                  I've been sorta good this year so he's bringing me slab of 12g and a couple boxes of 22-250 to explode bunnies with
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                    Plenty of opportunity to rack up more bad boy points for next xmas there lol