Four Mosins, two Mausers and an Enfield.

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  • Four Mosins, two Mausers and an Enfield.

    Hey everybody, got around too taking a few pics of some of my rifles yesterday, using a real camera rather than the Samsung SII. Combined with the natural light, I'd say it's a fair improvement.

    First up is the Polish Wz-44, dated 1953.

    Next is the 1941 Izhevsk Finn-capture

    Finn-capture 1921 Tula M91

    Finnish M91, built on a Serb-contract Izhevsk 1907 barrel and an American Westinghouse receiver.

    German Gewehr 98, Danzig 1917.

    German Mauser Kar98, Portuguese contract 1941

    Last but not least, 1942 Lithgow No1Mk3*

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    Some beautiful rifles there S/S; that immaculate little Pole with its spotless blonde furniture is a rose amongst thorns when compared with its knarly war-wearied cousins, eh!


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      All gorgeous examples of the genre/s, Sam

      I've thought about doing a 'xmas family group shot' but would have to find a small stepladder to get them all in shot lol

      I envy you your ability to take pics in natural light, makes all the difference doesn't it.


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        Mate, great looking pics of some beautiful pieces!

        one comment if I may... firearms safety 1-0-1, never put a cocked firearm on the ground. The Lee Enfield is perfectly safe to dry fire as much as you like, you cannot hurt it! Release your working parts/ ease all springs before un handing a firearm. I know they are empty, but there have been many people shot dead by empty rifles.

        Hey, zhuk... good idea! how about a thread of milsurp xmas pics "Deck your Lee's with boughs of holly...."


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          Very nice collection there Soviet. I bet you are only showing half of what you have.