Early Christmas present; Romanian M44

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  • Early Christmas present; Romanian M44

    Hey guys, just thought I'd add to the recent spike in threads here in the Collector's Forum detailing member's recent acquisitions of M44s by throwing up a pic of one I picked up this week; a mint matching-numbers Romanian M44 (apparently it was taken out of the grease by a previous owner & had 20 rounds put through her, so the rifle pretty much looks as if it just rolled off the production line at the arsenal back in '55).

    Plenty of other photos of this rifle posted here by the previous owner http://shootingaustralia.net/forum/long-arms/2876-more-info-on-some-mosins however I thought I'd throw in one of it taken in full sunlight to catch the full effect of the deep red lustre of the shellac. Took her to the range the other day and she shoots like a dream (trigger is heaps better with waaay less creep than any of my Soviet 91/30s however just a tad heavier than the one on my well-worn Hungarian M44) and groups almost as well as my No4, so very happy.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Damn, that's a nice specimen GSR! And only 20 rounds? what a score.

    Yeah I've never seen any shellac quite that red before...though there is a massive variety in shades. One I have is a rather yellow/amber colouring.


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      Very nice indeed, GSR!
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        Something I did notice about the rifle though (and is evident in the close-up pic of the barrel stampings) is that the stock seems wider than on the 91/30s (I compared them side-by-side and there is defiantly more wood either side of the receiver on the M44). Would this just be a deviation in manufacturing tolerances between the different producers of the stocks, or were the M44 stocks made wider to accommodate the bayonet cut-out? Didn't have my Hungarian M44 handy at the time to compare it as well.