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  • SMLE sight bracket.

    Hey everyone,

    Is anyone able to tell me which sight/s would fit this mount which has the Lithgow "MA and broad arrow"

    I have a Central No.4 sight which does not seem to be compatible.

    You can guess that I'm new to SMLE's / aperture sights.

    Cheers T.B.

    Rifle is a 1943 HV SMLE III*

    Click image for larger version

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    It doesn't appear to be either a Lane or a Rawson
    Sorry that is the extent of my knowledge
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      Have a look at this

      ignore the pm I sent you this link is more applicable

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    Hi my H rifle has a motty barrel fitted and a motty range sight which is marked D/|\D as per conversion with the military marked bracket that you have.


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      Originally posted by Bathurst72" post=42058
      Hi my H rifle has a motty barrel fitted and a motty range sight which is marked D/|\D as per conversion with the military marked bracket that you have.

      Since my first post I have done a bit of research
      I believe motty mues and argyle all used the same plates manufactured at the lithgow factory

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    You need a central No.4 mounting plate, a long trigger guard screw and the screw that fixes the Central aperature to the plate.

    This is a similar mount for a BSA sight on a 1901 SMLE

    If you need the correct plate and screws, I know someone who makes them as they are very scarce these days

    Sight fixing to plate

    Long trigger guard screw
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      The bracket you have will fit all pre '30's aperture sights that use the safety as a mount attachment.
      This includes Sandoz, Motty, Mues, Gibbs, BSA, early A.G and A.J Parker, Westley Richards,LSA,..........the list goes on.
      The No.1 Central sight and some No.2's will also fit, but not the 3 or 4.


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        I have a copy of the leaflet from 1947 (that was sent with each Central) which referred to the introduction of the No.4 Mk 1 rifle in Australia and availability of the plate for that rifle in the same year. Likewise the patent date for the No.4 sight was 12 August 1948

        The No.4 central sight was the fourth model Central, not the model for the No.4 rifle. The "Invincibles" Australian team to Bisley used the SMLE with No.4 sights in 1948, with Pavey taking the No.1 badge.

        The most interesting part of the 1947 leaflet is the advice that the elevation scale of the No.4 sight only suited the SMLE. I wonder if there was a significant difference in trajectory between the tightly chambered heavy barrel SMLE and the military as issue barrels of the issue No.4 Mk1?

        As to the reason for the two sizes of plates, I think it follows the early large plate size made for the LE and SMLE prior to WW2. The early plates for the first model Central did not have the grooves and the Bisley had the grooves added later. These were the basis for the later No.4 plates which were initially the same large pattern. Central probably realised the plate could be made smaller and allow a little less wood to be removed. I would also guess the smaller stampings "nested" better and the plates could be punched out with less wastage.

        Small and large size to suit the SMLE, small and large with holes to suit either the SMLE/No.4 rifles and also the small plate with holes to suit just the No.4 rifle. The interesting thing about the dual purpose plate was it had to have the small pressed-in boss (which suits the SMLE) ground off to fit it to the No.4 rifle
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          Hey old mate your sight plate looks like it would fit a MUES sight, I have one here as well as two central sight plates to fit a No 3 or No 1 Cheers Roger


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            since we are talking about sight mounting plates.......

            Years ago I was given a box of "old junk"- turned out to be threeoh firing pins, springs, triggers, screws, etc - and a pile of sight mounting plates.
            Its been a couple of years since I had a look- but I am pretty sure they all have "LANE HARDWARE" or similar stamped on them..

            They need cleaning up and reblueing- but if you badly need one, sing out.

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              Hey fellow 3o3'ers,

              Thanks for the replies, they very very helpful.

              I picked up a "Central No4." mount bracket which will get me out of trouble until I find a suitable sight for the Lithgow factory bracket.

              ATM I'm restoring the rifle in question and will post a pic when finished (in about a week if all goes well).

              Thanks again T.B.