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  • Single-shot M44?

    Took my recently-acquired Hungarian M44 to the range today for a shoot (first time since I got it) and discovered after unsuccessfully attempting to load a clip into the magazine that there is a rivet or pin inserted into one side of the magazine wall that restricts the rifle to single-round loading, much in the same way that modern high-capacity detachable magazines are often pinned to a lesser capacity to satisfy state regulations.

    It's no biggie, as I'll either file the pin down or drill it out depending on what I find when I pull the action from the stock, but I was just wondering why this would have been done? I remember reading somewhere that at some stage Germany had rules stating that all "military" centrefires had to be restricted to single-shot for certain classes of licence, and it indeed appears that this rifle did spend some time in Germany prior to landing here. Another thought crossed my mind though that this rifle may have been converted to some kind of single-shot trainer whilst still in service in Hungary, so I would be interested to here from the knowledgeable here as to what the story really is with this rifle.

    Oh yeah and it shoots well and groups nicely, and the huge fireballs spewing forth from it's muzzle are a lot of fun too!

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    Good to hear it groups well & produces necessary fireballs, GSR Damned if I've heard anything about single-loading restrictions for the carbines though. Sounds like you've got a couple of valid theories there, hopefully someone else can jump in with more info.


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      My 1941 Finn-capture has the exact same issue! I was puzzled as to why i couldn't load the last round at the range, checked it out when I arrived home, and noticed the pin, considered filing it down, but didn't want to risk stuffing anything up. I know for a fact that my rifle had been converted to a single-shot in Germany at some point to comply with their regulations.


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        Hey guys, just an update to those who are interested regarding my original question; got an answer to my query from someone in the know regarding single-shot conversions to ex-mil rifles, and yeah it was due to a post-war German firearms law in force at one time:

        "...I think it was in the 80s that all military rifles in Germany had to be single shot. Also at one stage also in Germany military rifles could only have sights that were able to be set out to 100 m; you may find some K-98 rifles with a spot weld on the under side of the rear sight , so the sight can not be adjusted pass 100m ."