Arisaka Type 99, Series 31 (Late 42-Early 43), Toyo Kogyo

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  • Arisaka Type 99, Series 31 (Late 42-Early 43), Toyo Kogyo

    Hey everybody, here's another rifle that I won on Gunbroker recently.
    My first Arisaka, a Type 99, series 31, matching numbers and intact crysanthemum, no import marks.
    Most likely a vet bring-back, although no documentation or story to go with it.

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    Ehhh, pic??


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      Lucky to get an unmarked vet-bringback Sam. Just what you were looking for

      And yeah, pics lol

      Edit: Gorgeous mate! What a beauty.


      • TheSovietSamurai
        TheSovietSamurai commented
        Editing a comment
        Sorry fellas, had a little trouble uploading the pics :P

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      What a beautiful piece of history you have there S/S; if only that well-worn stock and patina'd action could talk and share some of its history with us, eh?


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        Great one Samurai, it will feel like Christmas all over when this one arrives with the others.


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          SovSam's new gunsafe...

          BTW, very nice Arisaka...
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