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  • Mosin Nagant choice

    This is my question if you had a choice between the following firearms here in Australia. Which would you choose. Both are considered rare if you can find one, I'm sure even rarer here in Aus. Yes both would be good but you can only take one .
    Izhevsk M44 1943 trials carbine, 50,000 made or
    Tula M44 1944 Hex receiver, Tula only mad these in 1944 in limited numbers.
    Has anyone ever seen one here in Australia?

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    And to think hex Tula M44s were going for about $260 in the US back in Feb lol

    Well, the 'Trials' M44s having been sent to the front, would be less likely to have survived due to the fact that it probably saw action throughout the war as soon as it entered service. So, possibly rarer.

    But I'd still take the Tula, purely because I'd love to have a carbine with a hex receiver


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    Hex receiver carbine would be nice....but a 1943 M1944 would be very cool too...

    I'd go the trials carbine 'cos given they were chucked into combat testing in 1943, I'd reckon they'd now be harder to find than an honest politician....
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