My new toy, R.C. K98K

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  • My new toy, R.C. K98K

    So my first military rifle I picked up on the weekend. (aswell as the 303 too )

    Its a 1941 BCD Russian capture and still has all its proof markings intact.

    Has matching Barrel, Receiver and stock The top wooden piece is not matching and neither is the rest rifle unfortunately.

    I decided to strip the stock and got rid of the Russian shellac! used 3 coat of raw linseed oil, First 2 coats 1:1 with turps and last coat 2:1.
    Came up nice and is smooth.
    One thing i noticed is that the fore-end piece looks like it has been replaced with a laminated piece from another gun, as I was confused if the stock was walnut or laminated lol (have a picture attached, you can notice just above the first band). So i am unsure if the russians did this or the germans. Can also see a faint join line of the stock where it goes lighter and darker on either side, you can see in the pics below.
    On a good note, the barrel is in very good condition and shoots quite well!
    Have ordered a sling and the cleaning rod that is missing to finish it off!

    All pulled apart

    All stripped

    What it looks like now

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    I'm not a massive fan of old timey rifles (there's just too much wood ) but that pair looks very nice.

    And that K98 is a real piece of history.


    • Wruckie
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      I was the same but always wanted a k98, Got this one a decent price and the 303 was cheap so the wife let me get them both lol!

      Comparing to my old 700P, both these actions are much more smoother and quite honestly more fun to shoot!

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    damn nice job on removing the Russian coating (not getting into the purist thing here lol)

    And combining the raw linseed with turps you created a faster-drying oil, ala boiled linseed. Linseed alone would have taken quite a while.

    having shot a K98 (mountain carbine) trainer which was very comfortable! I'm not pretending that I wouldn't really like a Karabiner. But pretty sure my shoulder probably wouldn't :lol:


    • Wruckie
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      Thank you!

      I had split decision to remove the shellac and since its not all matching i thought well why not.. If it was all matching would have left it as it were.

      Yeah, I had the stock in the shed so it was basically like a oven lol (been hot up here in QLD atm). Figured I would have 2 thin coats to help penetrate the timber and a more thicker final coating.

      It took just over a day to be fully dry compared to around 12hrs with the 50/50 mix. I'll recoat it every year i reckon.

      Putting the k98 to the shoulder felt more natural and sights line up spot on in comparison to the enfield; which is a great gun to shoot aswell! After putting 30 rounds through the enfield my shoulder was starting to feel it, including a box of 12g in the shotty. I found it difficult to put any more than 20 rounds of the 8mm, it wacks a fair amount of recoil lol!

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    Looks nice Wruckie! Was the sight hood on the rifle when you bought it - as RC's normally are missing these - but in writing that, it's dead easy for anyone to buy one and fit. And agree regarding the recoil - I'm fine with .303 and 7.62x54, but put 50 rounds of 8mm down range and you'll be reminded of the pleasure the next day


    • Wruckie
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      The sight hood wasn't on it when it was on display, but the fella at the gun shop had one just sitting on the rack and asked if he could throw it in with the deal guys at the gunshop said they bought a whole heap at a german auction a few years ago and been slowly filtering them through the shop and mine was the last one.
      I felt as though maybe mine was like the runt or something but actually turned out to be very good. just to have some matching parts and the proof markings is pretty cool.  Ill try and get a pic of the rifling.

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    Every time I see your post I soon get distracted from the rifles.

    Is that a bit of "BRAP BRAP" in the back ground?



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      Have fun wruckie - I really like the Mauser action...and have 2 K98ks, a Gewher 98, an M24/47 ......and few more K98k's to come!


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        Hey john! Your close, it's a 71 rx2 sedan. Has a 13b bridgey too so she definitely braps ill get more pic's

        Macca, yeah I know what you mean with the action, the whole mechanism and its like butter! If the wife permits ill be saving for a all matching one next and put it on it's own safe


        • Field Marshal Cinque
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          The mauser action is a work of art. They are still copying it. You can alway pick it by the sound it makes. Nice rc by the way. Is BCD obendorff?

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        That is one damm fine mauser you have there and to find a RC with any matching parts and the waffenbrik still intact you really do have quite the find.
        Glad to see its getting the love these rifles deserve


        • Wruckie
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          Thank you, its my prized possession in the safe. I still have love for the enfield too. I have put a sling and cleaning rod since then.

          Also bought a really nice ww2 laminate stock from germany a week ago, so might have that in a few more weeks and then I'll put some more pictures up when that happens.