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  • Export/Import of Replica Firearms

    Can anybody advise on the procedure regarding the export of a Replica Thompson Submachine Gun out of the U.S and into Queensland? how big is the drama likely to be?

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    Is it a replica gun or a dummy gun built using a Thompson parts kit on a dummy receiver?
    If it's the latter, it's going to be very difficult to legally export from the US. The US state depart seldom sign off on the permanent export of machine-gun parts, unless there is an end user involved such as police or military.
    If it's a replica then it's a non-gun and completely unregulated State side. You're going to need a B709 from your state police to get through Australia customs


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      I imported a Thompson replica a few years and it wasn't to bad as Tornado-tech said B709 form and you should be ok!