GEW 88 Turkish 7.92mm

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  • GEW 88 Turkish 7.92mm

    Found this one on ozgunales, thought someone might be interested. From the dealer's description it seems in great shape for 120+ years old:

    Turkish military GEW 88. Made in Germany (188 and sent or sold to Turkey prior to WWI. Converted by Turkeys ANKARA arsenal in 1938 to the 7.92x 57 (8mm Mauser) cartridge at a time when Turkey converted all of their military rifles to this calibre. In great condition for age (120+ years)! Bore is shiny with no pitting. Nice crisp 2 stage trigger. Great to collect or an excellent historical shooter, perfect for military rifle competition. A few dings to stock, that could do with a clean, metal work all good, some light patina in places. Mechanically perfect. Nice Turkish marking on receiver ring. Non-matching serial numbers (bolt/receiver).