Gewehr 98, Danzig 1917.

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  • Gewehr 98, Danzig 1917.

    Hey everybody, now that I've finally acquired my first full-time job, I have a decent amount of funds at my expense, hence the three firearm purchases in less than two months :P I gave up hope that I'd ever own a Gew 98 after the last one I saw available online sold almost two years ago. As soon as I spotted this one on Lawrence Ordnance, I contacted them straight away without even looking at it or reading the details :lol: Luckily for me, it's exactly the example of a firearm that I hope for. Sure, I like admiring 'Unissued' rifles just as much as the next guy, but I have a deep appreciation for any rifle that has 'the look' about it. With all it's dents and marks, you know that it was there in the thick of it all those years ago. Some nights, I sit holding these same rifles, looking them over and wondering what kind of story they could tell, if they could. So now that I must take a break from Mosins, I'd say this is a fair substitute :P I have no room forthe last two rifles that I purchased in my safe, but I guess I'll have to make room. Anyway, here are a few pics from the advertisement.

    Now that my WW2 collection is almost complete, I guess it's time to start on WW1

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    Very nice!
    Oh dear, how sad....never mind.


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      Love it, Samurai. For all the reasons you stated...the dings & wear are what makes them special. Awesome pickup mate!

      Congrats on the job too Guess you'll have to get a much bigger safe now lol


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        Very nice rifle. Almost hard to believe its almost 100 years old. Those roller coaster sights are great to look at!


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          LOVELY :P

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        Awesome..looks great history written all over it.


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          She's a beauty alright Sov! Of the rifles I have, my favourite is the Gew 98 - for the age, and what it must have seen since production... mine's a pre-WWI production. Cheers, Macca


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            Mate I'm impressed by the rifle and the photo's, what type of camera do you use ?


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              They're Lawrance's pics beemer. Though I can tell you a Canon EOS 1100D was used Lol


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                Thanks for that. My son turns 30 shortly and one thing on his "wish list" is a new camera, I sure daddy could borrow it on occasions, I,ll price one today.

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              Here's a reminder what my Gewehr 98 looks like - I had posted previously in the 'old days' It's a 1903 Danzig. Cheers, Macca

              Click image for larger version

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              You take a nice shot too, Sam


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                Wow those actions look so thin in the middle, yet they say they are strong.

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              they are a great rifle, one of my favorites.

              as ive said on the old forum mine is an Amberg 1918, that was accepted into service in WW2 and has the s/42 acceptence stamps as well as the Eagle and Swastika stamps it had the roller coaster sights updated with K98 sights

              ....if only it could talk