Value of swedish m38 mauser

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  • Value of swedish m38 mauser

    I have a swedish Mauser on layby just wondering what people reckon they should be selling for at the min
    Thanks any help appreciated

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    A nice rifle can be had between $400-$600

    I paid $500 for my matching numbered that I'd call in excellent condition

    Edit - Sorry mine is a M96


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      A used rifle is only worth what a person is prepared to pay for it..
      you can pick up good condition M38's with a scope monted for $300-$500
      There is nothing special about a M38 except that they make nice scrub guns..
      They are to short for target shooting, if you want something to shoot service go the M96 Sweed, Hasquvana, Wafen fabrik etc

      to pay 500 it would have to be all matching numbers and excellent condition with sling and bayonet good wood and something special about it..