Requirements for owning a deactivated firearm in Vic?

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  • Requirements for owning a deactivated firearm in Vic?

    Hey everybody, this is an issue that I'd like to get straight, what are the legal boundaries of owning a deactivated firearm in the state of Victoria? I can only seem to find info regarding importation. Are deactivated firearms looked upon as fully functioning by law, going by the same requirements as any active firearm? This was my impression, although a friend recently purchased a replica of an Owen gun, and it got me thinking. There are quite a few historical firearms that I'd like to own, though that would be impossible if not for obtaining a deactivated example. Any official links would be appreciated.

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    Hi Sov, probably best to call Vic Firearms Reg, they must be able to answer your question - I'd be only guessing. But is sure seems anything that even looks like a gun/rifle needs some sort of need one to shoot paintball right?? Cheers, Macca