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  • Mauser 43 no licence VIC - on usedguns

    This is up on usedguns:

    Not a commercially available calibre and pre-1900 so it fits the bill for exemption however the advertisement states "very accurate" suggesting it is used for shooting. If the firearms is being used for active range/hunting work doesn't it need to registered in VIC?

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    I've never had or seen clear guidance on this - the VicPol table people keep trotting out, read in conjunction with the Act, is not clear; personally I err on the side that once it's a shooter and/or ammunition is owned for it, it falls under the definition of a registrable firearm in Victoria rather than an exempt antique, and people should not regard it as some sort of loophole which allows an off-ticket shooter; I'll be talking to my local RFO next week, so I'll try and remember to ask.


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      The 43 Mauser cartridge ( aka 11x60mm Mauser) is an obsolete black powder cartridge that is no longer produced commercially anywhere in the world.

      As this rifle is pre-1900 and in 43 Mauser, it does qualify for ownership in Victoria without registration or licence.

      However, it is possible to hand load 43 Mauser rounds ( dies are hard to get but do exist). Once you have formed an intent to load ammunition for this rifle, it then becomes a Cat B rifle and you will need to register it and hold the appropriate licence.

      It's pretty simple really. If you want a nice historic piece to look at, you can have this rifle with no hassle from the government. If you think you might want to shoot it, just register it and shoot it on your existing Cat B licence (assuming you have one).