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    Hi guys,
    Anyone know a good place either online or a store to buy cheap bulk targets from? Just want to get a bulk pack of targets for plinking really there will be a whole bunch of new shooters shooting at them.

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    Is that for Pistols or Rifles ???

    I can help with IPSC targets.


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      not sure where abouts your located by i just get free online targets form such places as
      i then go print out 50-100 at my local officeworks. but i ask for thicker paper. cost extra but worth it.


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        Hey, sorry should have given more details they are for rifles at 50-100 m. I'm locate in lockyer valley but am in Brisbane every day for work


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          maybe printing your own is a good option then

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          What sort of targets do you want?
          SSAA provide a few basic ones for hunting with the higher scoring areas the actual kill areas and some for comp practice:
          SSAA targets
          Or there are hundreds to choose from with a basic Google search:

          Then all you need to do it either print it off at home or take it to office works as previously suggested.

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        Yep we have a few of the huge industrial printers at work so maybe an early start in the office tomorrow is on the cards. Not sure why I did not even consider printing my own before. Thanks for the website did not know sites like that were around.


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          I made these for taking pictures of guns & gun parts (so folks could see how big they were), but they also work great for target shooting at combat distances ( 7 - 10 yards ). You can see some examples in the various "show off your gun" threads here.

          These are designed to be printed at 100% on an US letter size piece of paper.

          One inch squares with alternating shades:

          Right click =-> save as =-> One Inch forensic mat

          Two centimeter squares, with alternating shades:

          Right click =-> save as =-> Two centimeter forensic mat

          Remember to print these at 100% - NO SCALING (or the measurements won't be correct)


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            Theres dozens if them downloadable online, I have a few favorites but youll find your own

            I print them on 160gsm card or cheap photo paper



            And when all else fails


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          Here are some I have picked up along the way during my research. Apologies to anyone who owns/produced them. I didn't keep the details when I downloaded them.
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            Thanks for all the links guys... Always good to have a list handy.


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              A good selection of target types at
              You get to print them yourself on whatever weight paper/card you desire, depending on your access to a good printer
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