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  • Bench rests for a newbie

    Good day, all. I hope all is well.

    I'm looking for a "good" benchrest set up for myself. I'm only beginning, so don't know exactly what I need. I'll be shooting 22lr.
    Do I want a one piece, or a rest with a bag, or two bags, not sure. Most of the people at the range yesterday had caldwells with a a rear bag, I'm assuming that's an ok set up.
    I'd like to know what you use and even what you recommend. I'm not trying out for the olympics, so mostly for club and practice use.

    Thank you

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    Chances are,'ll appreciate the better quality rests as you shoot more, and get better at it.
    if bench rest is your thing, spend as much as you dare on a good quality rest.
    it will also give a bit more confidence in your shooting.
    if possible, try a couple of different types, as bags and rests made from varying materials can influence how your rifles will behave on them
    e.g. stickier type bags may not let the rifle glide or travel smoothly, deflecting the shot.
    i'm no bench rest expert, but i do it every now & then & thats what i've encounted.


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      I started off with one of the smaller front rests (Caldwell, Champion etc) and found I needed a little more than what the rest offered. (ie. more elevation and have some windage)
      I looked at a lot of the high end rests but they were priced too high for my meagre pension so I sprung for the Caldwell Fire Control with the movable stick, It comes with a front bag and also the 3 lobe front bag. For the rear I use a Seb medium rear bag, fantastic bag as I don't need talcum powder to help the stock slide.
      If and when I can afford it I would like to invest in a Randolph Machine Rest with the Fudd top, as I prefer to be able to use the front controls independent to one another, (this is just my personal choice). The Farley and the Seb are both fantastic rests and well worth the money if you can afford them.
      I think your best bet is to try a few of the guys rests at your range to see what you like.
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        Already cover on several occasions, but this is worth reading,


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          My mate build one not as good as the top of the shelf stuff but still works pretty well