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  • Range in Sheffield

    Hi, is there anyone that knows of a range in Sheffield Tasmania?

    I have heard that there is one there, but no one that I talk to knows where it is

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    Hi Jase. I believe it's out near lake Barrington. Look up the SSAA website, i think it has an address.
    List to tick off:
    - TICK!!! NEW SCOPE: Sightron S-tac 2.5-17.5 X 56mm
    - TICK !!Left handed 223rem, Zastava M85
    - wildcat build in progress: 223McShort
    - TICK!!! Rebarrel Howa to 7mm-08
    - TICK!!! case trimmer/turner
    - Comp dies for 7mm-08
    - Case annealer
    - Custom dies for wild cat


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      Thanks Gwion, I didn't even think to have a look through the ssaa.

      Had a look on thier website, not much, but searched ssaa sheffield and found one at devils gate, so will check that out next time I'm up that way


      • Gwion
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        No worries, Jase.

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      There is also a TRA range in Sheffield, off Johnson st.


      • Greenwich-biker
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        There is also a pistol range at Nook, not far from Sheffield, the Devonport Pistol Club (TPA affil).