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    hi all,
    I thought I'd put up the list showing dates when certain distances are being shot out at Lower Light range, should you wish to call in, introduce yourself to a club there, and even participate in a day of shooting there.
    There are 4 clubs;

    Light river
    Postal & Railways

    you do not need the fanciest of target rifles or equipment. you just need to be prepared to give it a go.
    as a suggestion, the 300, 400 & 500m events would be better to start with.
    these clubs do own target rifles all set up, ready for visitors to try, and are keen to accommodate new faces to the scene.
    The location is only 30 minutes north of Adelaide, and the shoots are on Saturday arvos, from lunchtime onwards, and finish around 3 to 4 O'clock in the arvo.
    below is the list of days, with their respective details.


    if you are unsure on how to get started, who to speak to, or want more general info, please ask questions here, or send me a PM.
    happy shooting.