SSAA range in canberra region.

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  • SSAA range in canberra region.

    So im heading off to the ACT at the end of the month for a weekend without the kids, but with the wife, and would rather go to a range than shopping but we will be staying in hotels so i dont want to leave my rifle in the car over night.
    So safe storage issues solved by leaving the rifle at home but then i need a rifle to shoot at the range

    My question is, does the large SSAA range complex offer rifles for hire, preferably centre-fires?
    From the website it sounds like a large modern complex but mentions nothing about rifles for hire.
    Maybe i missed it.

    Im A/B licenced and an SSAA member.

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    Topic relocated from new user section.


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      Its really not hard to find this information, but in any case,

      Both clubs are close to each other.


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        Déjà vu. Haven't you asked this question before?